BWCL is back with many bears
02:53 18.09.2017
сдраствуйте друг,

гекко работает как лошадь, но гекко не хорошо говорит по-русски, что зачем я буду читаю по-английски.

if that sentence does not make sense at all, it's because Russian is hard.

Friends, I come bearing (hehe) fine news. The BWCL - Brood War Clan League - is back after six years of down time. We try to reboot the league and search for clans who are willing to participate. Any of you is welcome and show the world why the Russian scene is feared (we all have seen plumbum swearing).

You can find the full English news on our main site:

Thanks for reading.


ларго очень любет утки.
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